Coming Out Loved and Supported

Loss Expert - Cathleen Elle

April 29, 2021 Season 1 Episode 31
Coming Out Loved and Supported
Loss Expert - Cathleen Elle
Show Notes

Cathleen Elle is a three time #1 International Best Selling Author of Shattered Together and Women Who Rise, Transformational Speaker, Certified Success Coach and healer, creator of the Ellelogy Healing System and Co-Host of Beyond Your Best Plan Podcast.  

Cathleen shares powerful healing techniques for those who have experienced unexpected loss or hidden trauma to reconnect with their joy and move beyond limiting beliefs.  

She has coped with multiple traumas, but the death of her 19-year-old son from suicide was the catalyst that changed her life forever.  Today, she assists in changing the trajectory of others’ lives by providing the tools that aid them on moving through the emotions accompanied by these challenging experiences.   

Whether it’s a divorce, a job, substance abuse, emotional or physical abuse, illness, or the sudden death of a loved one, she now serves those in the midst of their own healing journey to take the next step of redesigning their lives.  

After 25 years of political service and extensive experience as a suicide awareness advocate, today, Cathleen is a global speaker and healer who has been featured on top podcasts and radio shows within the emotional wellness space. She’s also been featured on Facebook and Instagram LIVE interviews offering her expertise as a resource to those moving through their personal healing journeys.

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